Posted by: yudhos | March 4, 2008

The Last KRUPP downtown

Yeah Last KRUPP, why did i called last Krupp in downtown ? coz this krupp is the only locomotives which allowed to cross
along the railroad beneath surakarta city, in indonesia this is the only railroad left in downtown, this KRUPP only operate
twice a day in the morning it will bring the passenger from purwosari station to wonogiri station, and it go back to  purwosari in the afternoon. i wondering why does the local goverment keep this track alive, beleive or not there’s a reason that this railroad are the boundary of surakarta kingdom area. that’s why they keep it exist. some picture’s below taken from the latest background of slamet riyadi street in present day, and there’s two picture’s from the old time (thanks to Rob Dickinson and friends)

naik semua heading up to station solokota.jpg headinguppurwosari.jpg 

crossing.jpg bigcommercialdowntown.jpg  3518.jpg 3515.jpg



  1. krupp krupp krupp a germany loco factory

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