Posted by: yudhos | July 19, 2009

Terrorist never take one days off!!

Born to make riot!!! its the second time bomb explosion hit the JW Marriot, though its only a small bomb “they said” but its still a bomb, suddenly i brought my mind to twenty years back, that time jakarta was ver peacefull, no such things as bomb, fearness, or mass riot. but today seemed no boudary of crime, anywhere ,anytime anything could happened. for people like, the national stability and security means successfull bussiness, the tourism minister also feel the same. can you imagine what if no investor coming to our country, no tourist ever want to go to jakarta or indonesia, yep… all economic sector will crumble.

from now on, i start to aware, that when we all are sleep well in our home, laugh with our friend, busy with our paper on the desk..the terrorist are alwasys improve their ways to make riot. its absolutely unfaithfull peoples.


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